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Sparkling water machines

Operation of the machine is allowed at a temperature ranging from +10 to +35 ⁰ C and relative humidity ont more than 80%. The machine can be used both indoors and outdoors. When operating the machine outside the street awning  must be installed (for protection from bad weather).



Overall dimensions (hight x width x depth), mm                        1920х745х875
Electric line voltage, V   220
Electric line frequency, Hz   50
Energy output, kW not more   0,6
Degree of protection IP   IP43W
The weight of machine (without expendable supplies)   250
Maximum load of cups, items   350
The amount of made drinks, items not more   6
The amount of syrups, items not more   5
The volume of the water loaded, liters   76
Size of non reusable cup, litres   0,18…0,215
Carboy output pressure with edible CO2, MPa   0,34…0,42
Content of CO2 in a drink, g/l   5,5…7,5
CO2 consumption for making 1 liter of sparkling water, g not more   8
Machine production with prefixed regime, cups/min   3
Temperature of made drinks, ⁰С   +6…+8
Edible CO2 consumption, (carboy with 10 l volume), cups   3000…5000
The amount of mounted carboys, items not more   2


Overall dimensions of sparkling water machine  (mm.)