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  •                 Off the shelf solution for your business004-eng-1

    • easiness in exploitation;

    • short payback period;

    • steady income.

  •           Unique patented casing is made of metal0021-en

    • protected from weather and mechanical influence;

    • painted with powder paint.

  • 003-color-eng      Various color palette ral-color1
    The device is in harmony with any interior or exterior…


Trading Machine of "Bulbashka" company series 001 and 002 VINTAGE for making chilled, carbonated drinks is certified and meets all technical standards and quality standards established in Ukraine, the European Union and CIS.
Machine is completely autonomous, equipped with payment system (bill acceptor and coin acceptor with change function), adapted to Ukrainian currency (coins and bills) (also can be adapted to the currency of any country) can operate outside or indoors. Machine is anti vandal and it is protected against the penetration and breaking into. Protected from insects and dust.
Water is fed into the machine from the standard 19-liter jerry cans, but there is an option to connect to the water supply. The machine uses disposable paper or plastic cups of European sample with volume of 200 ml.
This machine uses 3 advertising panels on its 3 sides.  But there is an option to use all four sides of machine for advertising products.
Sms information system is used to inform the owner about the normal machine work as well as the presence of all necessary ingredients.