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  •                 Off the shelf solution for your business004-eng-1

    • easiness in exploitation;

    • short payback period;

    • steady income.

  •           Unique patented casing is made of metal0021-en

    • protected from weather and mechanical influence;

    • painted with powder paint.

  • 003-color-eng      Various color palette ral-color1
    The device is in harmony with any interior or exterior…

About "Bulbashka" LTD company

logo-bobelloThe company "Bulbashka" LTD is a developer, manufacturer and operator of these machines. It exists on the market since 2001. We are constantly interested in all new products and innovations in vending field, we attend international exhibitions, forums, various activities, implement everything new and innovative in our products. This gives advantages over competitors, since we know all the details of such business and we will help you in organizing, selecting the best place to trade, location and provisions for the smooth operation of your business. We will provide you with everything you need: syrups, disposable cups, water, carbon dioxide, to make your investments as effective as possible, with fast payback and delivery of stable and steady income.
Our experts will provide you as quickly as possible with professional after-sales service, technical support and advice.
Our products are used in Ukraine (Odessa, Kiev, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Nikolaev), CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus), Europe (Cyprus, Germany, France, Spain, Italy).
Demand for our products grows every year!