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    • easiness in exploitation;

    • short payback period;

    • steady income.

  •           Unique patented casing is made of metal0021-en

    • protected from weather and mechanical influence;

    • painted with powder paint.

  • 003-color-eng      Various color palette ral-color1
    The device is in harmony with any interior or exterior…

Places of machines location

Criteria for selection of locations to mount trading sparkling water machines:

MANDATORY condition for location of sparkling water machines are places where a lot of people wait,  places attracting a large number of  guests, tourists and excursions:

  • Train stations;
  • Bus stations;
  • Airports;
  • Sea (river) ports;
  • Historical places of the city;
  • Central streets;
  • Central boulevards;
  • Beach and resort area (quay);
  • Parks (especially next to playgrounds);
  • Trade and entertainment centers (inside TC but not on the entrance);
  • Cinemas;
  • Night clubs;
  • Stadiums and concert areas (“ITINERANT” trade works better);  The machine is mounted only at the day of mass events);
  • Public transport stops (but not tram stops).


Problems of machines mounting: Solutions:
There are difficulties with rent agreement next to TC and supermarkets because many owners of trade booths consider a trade machine a competitor To use advertising flatness of machine as an advertisement of chosen TC
The absence of guard or video surveillance To mount machines where there are guards or video surveillance
The absence of electricity in a chosen place To connect to the nearest electrical trunk
Quick fill rate of your machine rubbish bins with a lot of rubbish from the whole street Take the rubbish out several times a day if needed
Wrong choice of place with small amount people To search for the places where minimum 100 cups a day will be sold
The passage to the place of the machine is not convenient which makes it difficult to bring, change and fill in the ingredients To deliver disposables in the morning time