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  •                 Off the shelf solution for your business004-eng-1

    • easiness in exploitation;

    • short payback period;

    • steady income.

  •           Unique patented casing is made of metal0021-en

    • protected from weather and mechanical influence;

    • painted with powder paint.

  • 003-color-eng      Various color palette ral-color1
    The device is in harmony with any interior or exterior…


Constantly growing demand for drinking water, especially during the hot seasons of the year, makes this kind of business the most attractive in comparison to other types of vending business, especially in comparison to coffee machines. Syrups variety offered in this sparkling water machine, gives the consumer a choice of drinks and a desire to buy a few times.

Since this business niche is not very busy, it gives a huge potential for growth and development, by increasing the number of machines and occupied outlets. These advantages make this vending machine business a very attractive, cost-effective, fast paying back, interesting, constantly growing!

According to statistics, in the world, in different countries, through vending machines up to 80% of all goods and services are sold. Today in Ukraine 15% of all goods and services every year are sold through vending machines. This ratio increases which makes this business more attractive and promising.