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  •                 Off the shelf solution for your business004-eng-1

    • easiness in exploitation;

    • short payback period;

    • steady income.

  •           Unique patented casing is made of metal0021-en

    • protected from weather and mechanical influence;

    • painted with powder paint.

  • 003-color-eng      Various color palette ral-color1
    The device is in harmony with any interior or exterior…


Sparkling water machines create:

  • Unique drinks offered;
  • Quickness in making the drinks in comparison of bars, cafes, restaurants, coffee places;
  • Cool drinks made only of natural syrups are always tasty and of high quality;
  • Constant, rising demand for drinks;
  • Possibility to regulate the prices for drinks;
  • Possibility to regulate the amount of drinks;
  • The possibility to select syrups in dependence of definite region preferences;
  • Multi task capability of the machine;
  • Reliability (main machine components are of leading and innovative world manufacturers that work in a field of vending: Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Germany);
  • Total self-sufficiency of the machine allows to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week;
  • Design of the machine is bright and attractive;
  • There is a possibility to choose the color of machine, as well as its appearance together with advertisements on the flatness of machine according to personal wishes;
  • It is possible to place the advertisement on paper cups;
  • It is possible to mount TFT monitor into the machine casing and to use it for commercials and informational videos;
  • It is possible to order information test messaging which allows to control the state of machine work;
  • Anti vandal casing allows to work with any conditions;
  • Indisputable advantages of coffee machines, especially in hot weather periods;
  • Saturator is used in the machine;
  • It is possible to work with waterline or standard water can with volume of 19 liters;
  • It is possible to choose payment system (bill acceptor and coin acceptor);
  • It is possible to mount a machine everywhere: outside or inside;
  • Special protection from insects;
  • Dust protection;
  • Rain and moisture protection.
  • Profitable and reliable way of investment, minimal risk;
  • There is a possibility to earn steadily from year to year;
  • There is a possibility to increase income by increasing the amount of machines;
  • The business has high profits due to minimization of indirect costs and the possibility of moving the machines to more attractive places without high costs;
  • Convenient for you way of payment:  Cash, bank account, credit, deferred payment (leasing);
  • Warranty is 12 month starting from the day of purchasing;
  • Help in work organization and consultations as for optimal place choice, types of syrups, prices is granted;
  • The machine is patented and certified. It has UkrSEPRO and international EU certificate.
  • Guaranteed investment pay back during 6 to 12 months.

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